The stories we share

The first line

Blogging has been an idea in my head for some time. The question was always, what would I blog about?  It was the concept of story that pushed me off the consumer’s seat and onto the producer’s keyboard.

I’ve been a writer since I was ten, maybe before. (Ask my husband about the myriads of journals that lurk under our bed…or ask my sister, she could tell you what I wrote!) (On second thought, don’t ask her yet. You hardly know me, for Pete’s sake.) For years, personal journaling has been sufficient. Writing, with pen on paper, will always be satisfying and irreplaceable to me. Writing is how I think.  Writing is how I process life.

Along the way I became interested in magazine writing for children.  I took an online course and LOVED it.  My son was a baby then, and now my daughter is two-magazine writing has taken a backseat to the much more demanding and rewarding story of motherhood.

Case in point: tomorrow marks the deadline for an article query submission. I have not worked on that query for approximately 7.5 weeks.  Well, that’s life!

Eventually I came around to blogging. Well, what about it? It seems everyone and their second-c0usin-twice-removed-on his mother’s side blogs. As I continued reading, both blogs and books, however,  inspiration suddenly reached tipping point. This blog is my non-excuse for writing-I can write anytime I want, about whatever I want, and that should make me more inclined to continue writing. You know, the more you do something, the more you….do it. Genius, right?  Ahem.  That’s my theory anyway.

Blogging allows me to dabble in all kinds of writing: personal reflection, analysis, creative writing, to name a few. It’s like the hub of all my other writings-it’s not the whole wheel, but it’s related, and I like to think that if I work on the hub it strengthens the rest. Ok, that makes more sense than the above paragraph. *Pats self on back*

But on to story. I may not be able to put enough hours into a spectacular magazine piece so that it is published immediately.  (Usually happens for no one.) I sure won’t be able to capture every moment of my fleeting life. (I tried when I was ten. It was exhausting.) But here’s the bigger picture I’m trying to capture:  through all of life’s ups and downs, life is a story.  The Author of life is writing the story.  I want to recognize how my story is interwoven with so many others.  I may never travel very far from home or see much with my own two eyes, but writing is a tool that transcends space . A tool for looking out, looking in, looking forwards, looking backwards. A tool for expressing what I see when my gaze is lifted upwards.

And so, even if my serious tone belies this, I’m freakin’ EXCITED, y’all! It’s my first blog post!


6 thoughts on “The first line

  1. I get to write the first comment ever on your blog! Mrs. Homedreamer, i have to say that I’m your biggest fan! …unless you start blogging about the weird things I say in my sleep or something like that- then I might be your most annoyedest fan.

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