My life stories


The past couple weeks or so have been unusually full of letters. Difficult letters, unexpected letters, change-your-outlook letters. Here are two highlights:

First, a letter from my globe-trotting sister! (Well, at least country-trotting…)
She took the photo on the card (below) while in Ireland. The letter itself couldn’t have cheered me up more. It was full of reminisces, giggles, and her generally sweet and encouraging spirit. What a gift.


A few nights ago, I finally visited this site. Visit if you haven’t, especially if you are unaware of the realities of human trafficking. This is not a distant bad dream. It’s right down our streets, under our noses, reality for millions of people. This site gave me an answer to a question-how can I become more involved?

Well, I can write a letter.

I’m not sure what to say yet, but I am thrilled and humbled to be able to help in a small way. If one person feels any shred of love, encouragement, or value because of a note, then wow. One person. No less worth being treasured because she is one person, is she?

Ok, I’m off to write a letter!


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