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Things I’m Learning

The baking soda in water trick for indigestion tastes like fish tank water. Barf. My love of baking soda ends here.

When I take my kids to the splash pad, I should always double check to make sure I have a change of clothes for them each. At least a four-year-old can happily ride home in his undies 🙂

I should not be surprised to learn that denial has been one of my coping mechanisms for years. Keep calm and carry on? I am so British it’s not even funny. Lord, help me to face my thoughts without being overcome by them.

Finally, writing more really does make me…um, write more…I think it’s working! *yay for small things*



3 thoughts on “Things I’m Learning

  1. Great note on denial. I am half Arab and half English, and somehow, I got the crazy innate to both sides :). Becoming more self aware makes life a better place.

  2. i didn’t know you had a love for baking soda…

    ah denial. been one of my best friends for years too as you well know. now i really want to hang out more so i can ask questions!

  3. Apple cider vinegar works for indigestion too and doesn’t taste so bad… Mix a couple teaspoons with a little water and honey to sweeten it (if you want).

    And can I join y’all’s denial club? Although I probably tend more towards “see and react aka freak out”.

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