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A slice of Life, inbetween blogging.


I’m finally working on posts again. Right now I’m making cookies for my kiddos while they watch cartoons with Daddy. There’s laundry, packing, and other odds-and-ends to finish up before leaving for a trip (maybe-rain storms ahead!). Then there’s a kitchen that wasn’t fully cleaned this morning (ahem) and the 6 pounds of freshly picked blueberries from a lovely nearby farm that need my attention. A pot of coffee is brewing and I’m planning on finishing a quasi book review tonight…as well as all this? Muahahaha! maybe I’m nuts… but it’s more fun that way!

Meanwhile a woman in my church is leading a group of young women to minister to victims of trafficking in India. They’ll be going with a handful of other people and when I heard about it, my heart leapt. Research, prayers and discussions followed. Two days later, it became clear I won’t be going.  I don’t even have a passport, it wouldn’t come in on time if I ordered one, etc. etc., but the biggest thing I have to acknowledge is that it just isn’t the time. He said it wasn’t time. I was sad and disappointed, but it’ll be ok because God has all my good works ordained for me in advance(name that paraphrased verse). And….a need for ministry in this way is desperately needed everywhere, including right where I live. We’re planning on meeting to discuss what that might look like.

For this moment though, it’s back to cookies in the oven, sweet babies, and laundry.


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