My life stories

A Dilemma.

I’ve encountered a small dilemma.

When I started this blog, I envisioned it to be primarily about literature. Books I’ve read, some minimal analysis, comparisons, etc. Even though I planned on including other odds and ends, I never saw this as a personal blog. 

But you know that advice to write what you know? It’s pretty helpful. And as much as I love writing about author’s intent, analogies and more, it’s time consuming. It’s very rewarding. But if I’m keeping a blog with the intent to write more, trying to churn  out posts that require hours of research isn’t gonna happen too often. 

I still don’t really see this a personal blog per se, but there’s beauty in the little moments. As cliche-ic as that can sound, I’m finding it’s true. Sometimes there’s medicine for my soul in a tiny flower, almost overlooked  (er, in my backyard, it’s probably a weed), or the everyday sunlight seeping through leaves. These are little reminders of a greater reality. God is bigger than I, He’s at work, and that’s worth remembering, for many reasons. 

So, here I am stretching my writer’s cramp out, ready to dive in again, my perspective a little clearer. Maybe with a little more room to grow, more freedom. Thanks for sticking with me as I work out this this little dream into a more solid reality. 


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