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Labor Day. Or, I’ve reached a new level of Motherhood.

I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Ours was full of, if not cookouts and pool parties, firsts.

Do insects bother you? If so, you might want to skip this one.

This was our conversation Sunday, as I tried to decide whether or not to bring our kids and my younger sis to the beach.

Me: It’s farther away and you have to pay for parking.*

Mike: And they’re all naked. **

Me: Well, not anymore….

Mike: So, then don’t go.

Me: But what if I miss out on people time?

I don’t think it necessary to note that *I’m cheap and indecisive. But it might help to say that **that specific beach, and not our friends, was a nudist beach in the past. (My husband was a little misinformed. Again, about the beach, not the friends.)

I was still weighing the pros and cons of extra driving time, sand and sun with small children with the value of people time and fun for all, when, in the blink of an eye, everything changed: I looked down at my daughter’s little tow head and saw a four letter word.


The necessary survival skills came to me without being called, and with such force that I immediately and with great energy packed up all the kids’ stuffed animals, vacuumed their bedroom and plopped my children in the bathtub. Mike went to the store for coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and ice cream. (Ice cream is very important for crises, you understand.) (That’s another survival skill that came to me without being called.) (I think it’s a survival skill that should leave me alone, now.)

I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, we found lots to be grateful for despite our first experience with those little four letter words. Such as:

1. Only one of us has been infected (so far)

2. coconut oil is very conditioning

3.coconut oil reminds me that I need to scrub my tubs after use

4. coconut oil melts the exoskeletons off the little buggers! I mean what’s not to love!

And my children have had two movie marathons in two days and hardly seem to care about……those things. Thank you God.

But I am sorry, sis, that you missed your trip to the beach. 😦 And to the sweet friend who feels responsible for this incident, please, don’t! It’s just not something that can be helped! (If you’re reading this, you know who you are!) And writing about this was nothing short of humorous.

Besides, it was my first Labor Day that sort of lived up to its name.


3 thoughts on “Labor Day. Or, I’ve reached a new level of Motherhood.

  1. Those things are the worst! But it definitely is a humorous story. : ) I’ll definitely keep the coconut oil trick up my sleeve. I know it’s handy for a million different things (like my mom apparently makes a face wash out of it, and it can condition hair in small doses… may I emphasize small from personal experience? : ) ). Here’s hoping for a better beach day sometime soon. If you’re talking about the beach I think you are, it’s a great one (and definitely not a nudist one any more!). : )

  2. hahaha oh Stephanie…that was a hilarious read! even though it brought back panic moments from when I found lice on all 4 McLeans… 😳 we will just have to do a beach day together soon!

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