My life stories

Lessons of September.

-Finding pictures to accommodate my posts isn’t hard at all-unless I don’t want any questionable sites. Boo. Well now I wish I were a photographer! But I’m also working on including more visual features in my blog. Good illustrations were always important to me,  and this blog needs more of them!

~I am quite surprised by the number of followers the blog has. Mysterious and unexpected some of you are-thanks for joining me!

~There’s so much I don’t know about blogland, and so many things to work through. Like, just how many more blogs do I need to follow? Knowing my audience seems important to me and I’m trying to figure out to what extent I can do that.

~Sigh. Blogging doesn’t exactly count as writing simply because blogging doesn’t equal publishable material. As far as children’s stories, I mean, since that’s one of my writing goals. I sorta forgot that until I read this post.

~Speaking of that post, if you are a writer, I highly recommend Kristi Holl’s blog. Actually I can’t recommend it enough. Kristi is insightful, motivating, and has 30 years of writing experience to back her up. She’s pretty amazing!


2 thoughts on “Lessons of September.

  1. There’s so much I don’t know about blogging either. I’ve just kind of learn from the people that have found me and that I follow. I’d say you’re doing a great job so far. : )

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