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Writer’s Challenges.

Hello! What have you been up to lately? For the month of October, I’ve been participating in a writer’s accountability challenge. The goal is to schedule 15 minutes of writing (or more) in every day. Everyone who signed up then reports back each day to everyone else at the end of the day.

It’s neat to see writers who have different lives all working towards becoming more consistent and prolific in their craft. And it’s brought back a little of the structure and motivation I had back when I took The Institute of Children’s Lit writing class.  (In other words, I can usually squeeze a lot out of 15 minutes of writing!)

At first when I read others’ check-ins,  I’d catch myself daydreaming about being able to write for hours in the morning.  But what I really love right now is that I can pursue writing in a few minutes a day and grab up this time with my littles. I’ll always have writing, but one day I’ll blink and my kids will be grown. Learning to live in the moment? Needed.

It seems that I work best six days a week, though for now I’ll try to keep up the everyday work.  In November, Kristi is leading a modified NaNoWriMo challenge for those of us who want to write a shorter piece of fiction for children.  Instead of writing 50,000 words, participants can work on their own 25,000 word middle grade fiction work.

I’ll be working on a story that came to me in two pictures one day. This month I’m working on character development (read this !) so that hopefully I can have a decent first draft at the end of November and not a bunch of rambley-ness.

And all that to say that I may be a bit absent from this blog next month. I sincerely hope I will still find time to write here about things that stir me, things that strike chords, because those are the things that seem rich in meaning. I love writing pieces that are difficult to put together, because that usually means it’s good old work and it’s worth it. That’s the writing I find most rewarding, and no doubt will be mostly how the novel feels; but if I take a break now and then and write something light hearted and smallish here, it’s because I need to lighten up myself for a bit. 😉

And if you’re interested in signing up for the modified NaNoWriMo, check out the details and sign up through here!


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Challenges.

  1. The modified NaNoWriMo is awesome! I love that it requires the same diligence but is half the words. That definitely fits better into a busy schedule. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how the story goes!

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