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The Rambly month of November

Hello! It’s been a month since I’ve posted, and I really, really wanted to blog at least once before December arrives (eeep!).

This might go all over the map a bit. FYI.

As I mentioned, I’m participating in a modified NaNo this month. It’s been so fun, provoking, encouraging, and possibly best of all, productive.

I chose to work on a children’s story (mentioned last post). And oh my. Has it been good, hard, rewarding work. Not only that, but truly reflective. Other writers have born witness to this fact. After fighting it for a while, I decided, why not just use it, or rather, see what is reflected? It’s funny how my character reflects me so much, and that wasn’t even my intent. This is taking “write what you know” to a new level for me.

It’s funny. Sometimes I struggle so much with finding the right words when I”m talking. But when I write, pictures come to life that make sense. They often illuminate things I can’t say any other way. I didn’t even notice this until my best friend pointed it out.

During this month, I’ve also noticed the ‘need’ for a good book. So much of what I read will show up in my writing. Or at least, I have been suspicious numerous times of my writing sounding too much like another authors’. There really is nothing new under the sun, but one of the satisfying challenges any writer faces is to develop his or her own voice. And what I read filters into what I write.

So….Percy Jackson, you’ve been fun, but we’re taking a break. You’ve reminded me how fun reading for pleasure is, and really, I’m grateful. But, at the risk of soundling like a complete snob (Ok, well, you might as well know…I am a snob!), it’s time for something a little deeper, and little more complex, a little more like meat and veggies and less like skittles and Dr. Pepper.

Well, I feel *so* much better for getting that off my chest. But don’t send me any hate mail, you PJ lovers, cuz I won’t read it. I don’t hate him, I just needed to spend some time with Emily of New Moon. Anne of Green Gables has been at the back of my mind this whole month, and I wanted to reread it. Then when I mentioned this to a friend she practically shoved Emily of New Moon into my hands and said, “You have to read this first!” This book might be L.M. Montgomery’s most autobiographical work. Her storytelling, characterization and imagination are nothing short of delightful. And, happy me, I’m seeing the bond that Lucy, Emily and I share, across time and fiction.

More on this later. Thanks for sticking with my long and rambly post!

As a writer, do your writings seem to be influenced by what you read? Do you find writing to be reflective? How so?


One thought on “The Rambly month of November

  1. 😂 perfect analogy for Percy Jackson!! not all writing is literature, so true.
    would love to hear more about the bond between you-Lucy-Emily? I’ll have to read them. I fell off reading the Anne books in the middle of the series when I felt like they were too romance novelly. loved your rambly post. sorry for th ramble comment!

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