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Of Epcot and En {Joy} ment.


Do you ever get to taste a sample that just heightens your desire for the real thing? That’s what samples are supposed to do, right?

Last year my mom and I had the opportunity to visit Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival. And by sampling, I’m referring of course to both food and world travel.

I’ve never been out of the U.S. So enjoying a small representation of different cultures and countries at Epcot was such a treat (oh hi pun…). 

There can be plenty to say about how Epcot (Disney parks in general) can feel so fake, so unreal. Walking from Canada to England? Perfect streets, no poverty, an overabundance of food on every corner? And don’t even forget our American indulgence and entitlement that’s plastered all over the theme park experience.But guess what: I wasn’t thinking of any of this on that beautiful day at Epcot. 

It was a glorious day. I reveled in the diversity and differences between these cultures, displayed vignette-style before my eyes. I rejoiced in the beauty of all the different people I saw milling about, all their different languages and accents, skin tones, clothing, ways of walking. 

I thanked God for the opportunity to visit something that provided a little appetizer of some of the places I want to experience one day. It reminded me that these are real countries, even though-surprise!-most of what I saw was just a shadow or a sliver of the ‘real thing’.

Sometimes I need visual reminders of things I can’t see, you know what I mean?  That day was a feast for the eyes and stomach.

My mom and I ended the day at one of my favorite countries, France. We inhaled the breath-taking beauty of the country in the theater experience,  slowly exhaling the magic and romance of it all as we strolled through the little streets. (Our tea and macarons were delicious, too.)

This morning found me pouring over my small collection of French textbooks and readers from college with a renewed sense of excitement and motivation.

There’s a world out there to explore some day. 




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