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Walking with Eyes Open.

Well, friends, it’s been a look-at-the-big-picture and an under-the-microscope week all in one, in a good but heavy sort of way. My husband and I have felt North Korea weigh on our hearts. So we pray and look. A dear friend of a dear friend was in Kyev, fighting for the lives of her countrymen with medical aid and prayer. I don’t claim to know what it’s like over there, but this girl and I are sisters, because after all, we bear the same Name.

I was hoping to be more pulled together and include some relevant links with this post. Instead it’s just me and the keyboard, and one of us is hoping this is helpful somehow. When words are often beyond my grasp, it’s just a reminder that I’m a little person, learning to walk with the Shepherd in one little corner of the valley.

This year I decided it was time to become more aware of world and national (eh….that’s another post) events. The fact that I can, and not be buried under the weight of it all? Just grace. How this translates into actions, I’m still working through. There are many who are acting and acting well, and I can get behind some of them.

Under the microscope, my children are just as adorable, precious as ever, growing more into the people they’ll become a little everyday. They drive each other and me nuts, all in the space of a word. I fold laundry at the couch by the open back door and hear them play outside, making each other laugh with their “variations on a fart.” (Hint: it’s both a musical theme and a linguistic exercise.) I think about the world they’re growing up in, and the challenges they face, and while sometimes I am fearful, mostly I know they won’t be alone. And it’s better when prayers flow like breathing. There’s less room for complaint and paralyzing fear that way. And let those prayers flow into deeds.


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