My life stories

Inner and Outer Worlds.

Ah, remember the olden days, when I could submerge myself in literature and writing? When I could fully plumb the depths of a literary work or other piece and come up for air, instead of scan a few pages and then get distracted by a million little things? It was tiring and refreshing at once.

I *just* discovered that there’s a reason I hid from most media when my youngest was a newborn. It’s because I didn’t have enough energy to satisfactorily engage in the frenzy of news, debate, and discussion plastered there. I become passionate about literary critiques and current social issues, but it’s like trying to drive from Miami to New York on one tank of gas. My brain, in its tired state, goes something like this: “Yes! No! Yes, but you forgot-and then there’s-wait, what was that thought that just escaped me?-gah!” So much passion, so little sorting ability. Cue feelings of being overwhelmed, frustration, and unnecessarily, insufficiency.

This is quite humorous when paired with an urge to only write about BIG IDEAS. I don’t want to be a famous author, just a well-educated and deep(yes, those italics are totally needed!) writer.

That balance between being selective in media intake and not becoming a total hermit is quite a process, no? As is the process of writing for practice and writing for pleasure, although there really is little distinction between the two most of the time. It’s a balance between taking in, processing, synthesizing, and looking in, drawing out, embellishing, and connecting.  I’m learning that the discipline of putting that essay or blog post down is just as important as it is to keep writing. I need to write consistently in the ‘little’ things. They’re not disconnected from the ‘big’ topics I want to write about some day, they’re stepping stones, and valuable in their own right.

And, pssst! Self! Lighten up and don’t forget to have fun on the way! 🙂 If I don’t have enough energy to engage the way I’d like, I’ll limit my intake and make sure I’m cultivating that inner creativity.

Do you find media to be overwhelming? How do you stay energized to write without letting yourself feel overwhelmed or drained by media input? How does your ‘inner world’ (your imagination, ideas, etc) interact with the ‘outer world’ of media and other people’s input?


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