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B is for (Blank) Books.

I’ve always loved getting a new blank book (ok, journal). The pages are just waiting to be filled. Then, months later, there’s the journey of going back through the inked pages and reliving the moments captured there.

From the time I was 10 I’ve sort of collected blank books. Whether simple composition books or beautifully illustrated journals, I’d jump into filling them with ordinary, everyday moments recorded in the now humorous perspective of a serious, detail-oriented child. Usually I’d get tired of them about half way through, and then I’d fill the pages with doodles and memorabilia so that I could move on to the next blank book.

Today my writing style is a little different, but I’m the same girl, just a little more grown up (not too much I hope!). I have two  blank books just waiting to tell a story. The first is a gift from friends almost 10 years ago; the second from my dear aunt last Christmas. They’re both themed. I just can’t see myself writing my scribbled thoughts onto their pages. They and I both need a special use for them. Any ideas? I need ’em!


(Forgive the poor lighting….yuck. Doesn’t do these beauties any justice.)

Last Christmas I also received this beautiful book from another friend. It’s for me to write windows open. There’s no telling what this book will hold in the months and years to come, but I am full of anticipation.


Don’t forget…save the books from being empty all their poor lives. Help them out, for the love of words!


3 thoughts on “B is for (Blank) Books.

  1. Blank books are the best, and those ones are absolutely beautiful! The hardest part is definitely finding the right things to put in them. I’ve had some for years, too, that are still blank because I can’t decide what should live in them. : )

  2. There’s something awesome about an old school leather-bound book. I’ve been reading novels on a Nook lately and something about it doesn’t feel right. It’s great to read still but you start to feel like one of the aliens from a Spielberg movie after a while. I definitely prefer the real paper.

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