My life stories

H is for Humor Me.

Hello friends, I’m a little later posting because I spent the day on the road. The kids and I arrived home from a short trip with my mom, and am I ever happy to see my guy.

I’ve been thinking about our alter-egos. Yes, there are four fictional couples that my husband and I are similar to. They’re like four caricatures of different facets of our relationship. Humor me, won’t you, while I indulge? I promise, it won’t be mushy!

Bingley and Jane
This is probably the most widely recognized of our alter egos. We appear to be a lot like this couple. Mike is friendly, easily believes the best of others, and often  whole-heartedly trusts his friends’ opinions. Thankfully there is no Caroline or Mrs. Hurst in his life, per se. And the Darcy in his life wouldn’t deceive him either. I, as Jane, was reserved in the beginning of our relationship. And there’s the fact that there are four girls in my family; just picture the scene in Pride and Prejudice where the Bennett household is frantically preparing for Bingley and Darcy’s early morning arrival (“Hill! Hilllll!”) and you have a pretty good picture of what went on in my parent’s house when Mike was on his way over.

Because of our usually demure exterior, many people have often had Mr. Bennett’s perspective of us: “Your tempers are by no means unlike. You are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on (ch 55)”. The first part is true for Mike & I; the second may have been true, if it weren’t for our second alter-ego.

Yzma and Kronk
Ok, Mike’s no meat-head, and he can carry a tune. I’m not purple and bone-skinny with plans to take over the empire. It’s the contrast between Kronk’s easygoing, roll-with-it, stop and smell the roses temperament and Yzma’s tightly-wound, goal-driven stress that cracks us up.

Because, well, my husband and I can relate.

Picture Kronk nonchalantly whipping up food in the cafe while a disgruntled Yzma changes her order faster than he can serve up a basket of Grandma’s breakfast: you have my inability to make simple decisions and Mike’s patience with that.

Or Kronk absorbed in the wonder of bird watching, oblivious to Yzma as she runs screaming through the jungle gunk, pursued by a swarm of gnats. “I hate this jungle!” Here you have our perspective takes on camping.

Or Kronk  risking the wrath of Yzma, waking her up in the middle of the night because he has something SO IMPORTANT to tell her that it just can’t wait.

Ok, the first two may have been a bit of a caricature; this one, not so much…”This had better be good!” “*scream of terror*”

Yes, these two are often at each other’s necks, and not in a romantic way, either. Thank goodness for our third alter-ego.

For that and the fourth and final darling duo, check back in tomorrow. That is, if you’re not sick of us yet.



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