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R is for Reminisce.

The month of April marks 18 years since I began journaling. Currently there are two bins of these journals under our bed. A few times I’ve gone back through some of them and always spend more time than I realize, either laughing at my shenanigans or hurriedly flipping through pages of words I wish I could forget (Thank God for living and learning!).

My sister and our friend all kept journals at the same time. Diaries were for sissies. It was the girls of substance, us, that wrote how long it took us to do our math homework, what we ate for every meal, and that we were tired and ready for bed. (Ok, I think that last one was only me…) We would read our scribbles aloud to each other, usually hiding in a closet or in the backyard. You would have thought we were holding a secret parliament; we were quite serious about what we did and how we presented it.

The three of us would also write stories for each other. We even had a short-lived newspaper we took turns ‘printing’ for each other and passing on at the next opportunity. I’m pretty sure our dolls wrote to each other a few times too. We kept our words private. What young girl wants her secret words spilled outside the inner circle?

It’s been fun for the three of us to reminisce from time to time. There were plenty of things we didn’t write down, like the treasure hunt our moms created for us and convinced us was really a trail of notes written by two friends a hundred years ago or so. Or how when you have three friends, there will be fights, there will inevitably be the one who always feels left out, and that one day that group of three will dwindle to two. I have journaled a little about how, over the past few years, even though the three of us are on different paths and one of us is in a different state, we’ve grown closer, and our friendship, more mature. (I’m hearing some amens.)

One day I guess I really should throw out of few of my old journals. But the ones I keep will always remind me of my oldest friends, and how grateful I am that the Author of a larger story has chosen to keep us together and in each other’s lives, for reasons above what we can imagine.

You two, I love you and am so grateful for your faithfulness, love and humor. I thank the Father for you! 


2 thoughts on “R is for Reminisce.

  1. aww I LOVED this post! and how deep we thought we were as children…”girly girls keep “diaries” to write about boys in, we write about real life”. we’ve always been honest! and hey, our children will have such a laugh over our first few journals, the safer ones.

    so grateful for the way ya’ll put up with my tomboyish ways. I would be much less feminine & a different person had I not grown up with the sisters.

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