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U is for Utterly.

The A to Z challenge draws near to the end, and so, it seems, does my creativity. I’ve enjoyed this challenge; I’m really glad I jumped on board. I’ve been pushed to put something out there on the giant blogosphere 6 days a week. I’ve ‘met’ some excellent writers and enjoyed the various posts.

But I miss taking a few days to contemplate and work through a post. I miss working on my novel (haven’t worked on it all month). It’s been difficult finding time to write anything else for some reason.Today, I’m utterly spent. I got nothin, nada, zip. Hey, it’s ok. It happens to writers all the time. At least I’m pushing through. There’s always tomorrow, just 5 more letters, and then my darling novel awaits.

Hopefully this post is less complainey and more real than it sounds to me. Hang in there, fellow bloggers, we’re almost there!


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