The stories we read

W is for While Momma Had a Quick Little Chat.


The last time the kids and I were at the library, we found While Momma Had a Quick Little Chat, written by Amy Reichert and illustrated by Alexandra Boiger.

The title immediately caught my eye. What parent hasn’t tried to have a ‘quick little chat’ while wondering what that suspicious silence in the other room means? For the little girl Rose, a lot happens during a phone call. A party bursts into her house, there’s a magician and a band-all while Mama has a ‘quick little chat’.

The lively, exaggerated illustrations perfectly fit the story’s whimsical, humorous mood. It’s a vivid tale of childhood imagination…and that for us adults who aren’t paying attention, more goes on under our noses than we might be aware of.

Which makes me wonder. The next time I’m on the phone, I don’t want to miss out on any adventures my kids are having.




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