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X is for Xenomorhpic.

This morning I kept thinking that today’s letter for the A to Z challenge was W. Every time I remembered otherwise, it was with some disappointment, since every time, I had come up with a great W story. So I’m saving them up.

Then I found the word I’d stored up at the end of March: xenomorphic. It means “having a form not it’s own”. Don’t you love finding unusual words?

A short story quickly formed itself in my mind related to this delightful word. But I’m a tease. I’m not going to write the story here, either. I’m going to type it up and send it off to a children’s magazine. It’s been too long since I’ve done that.

This word, though. It’s mysterious. Potentially creepy. A little bit magic. No doubt there are gobs of stories waiting to be written about something-or someone-with a form not it’s own. My mind immediately goes to the imaginary, but can you think of anything in real life with a xenomorphic nature? I’m curious about this one!


2 thoughts on “X is for Xenomorhpic.

  1. What a wonderful word! I’ve spent the weekend passively thinking about the letter X. Guess I should get a bit more serious, huh? : )

    Imaginary things immediately come to mind for me too, but is water, perhaps, xenomorphic? Does it just take the shape of its container or does it have a shape?

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