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Y is for Yo, Vikings!


Yo, Vikings! by Judith Byron Schachner is the story of Emma, an imaginative and determined young girl whose dreams of all things Viking lead her to aquire the unattainable.

When Emma must prepare a presentation on Erik the Red for school, her research fuels a fascination with Viking mythology and history. Her little brother Ollie and the wise librarian Mr. Sigurd aid her on her quest to give the best presentation in school.  She does so with zeal, but that’s not the end: she discovers a real Viking ship is for sale and writes to the owner asking if he will sell it for hers and Ollie’s savings. What happens next will have you cheering for Emma. (Or you can cheer silently, so nobody thinks you’re odd.)

Yo, Vikings! is an enjoyable story about both the power of dreams and working hard. Mr. Sigurd plays the role of mysterious guide perfectly, but it’s Emma who quiets the naysayers and fulfills an outrageous wish. The perfect blend of the everyday and the fantastical, it’s a book the kids and I will enjoy again and again.






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