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Summer Writing Goals (June).

I love making goals, especially for writing. After the A to Z blogging challenge of April, I’m finding that I allowed my blogging burnout to hinder my other writings. Honestly, there were other things going on as well (that’s life, right?), but I find myself craving the accountability and motivation that a goal can give me once again. 

So I’m evaluating my summer, season of life, and specific writing projects that are important right now so that I can make realistic goals for next month. They are:

~work on revising my novel at least twice a week. 

~blog once a week.

~actively look for ways to practice creativity in other writing, whether picking up a peripheral project or searching and completing a short writing prompt, at least once a week. 


In lieu of the last one, I am stuck in the middle of several books right now. My next task should be a reading list!

How about you? What are your writing goals for the summer? And is anyone aware of any online accountability groups that might help with this?


One thought on “Summer Writing Goals (June).

  1. Those sound like great goals! I don’t know of many accountability groups, but I do know that WordPress can hold you accountable to posting weekly. (I did it to myself to ensure that I write at least once a week. That e-mail reminding you that it’s time to write is great motivation.)

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