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Oh, August!

I have a slight problem. Shocking, I know.

I’ve been dreaming of autumn now for about six weeks. And it’s only the end of July.

The kids and I made Valentines the other day just for fun, and it made me realize that I want a holiday so I have an excuse/reason to celebrate something. Ha!

July went by quickly, with our trip to the mountains, a visit to my bosom friend, and  various other things. Now August seems to stretch before me like an endless summer-and I’m not much of a hot weather person.

I’m sure August will go by quickly too, but for the sake of anticipating fun for Pete’s sake, I’ve come up with several things to look forward to in this last stand before autumn. Where I live, autumn is a phantom anyway, but hey! Come September, I’ll be breaking out the fall decor even if it’s in the 80’s!

1) Continuation of ‘normal’ summer activities-this includes the splash pads, library, our local science center.

2) Reading! I’m currently enjoying these rereads, shown in the first picture below, and continuing to read the one in the top pic. (I could not, for my life, get these pictures under this text.)

3)Writing, of course. I’m following in the scheme of this post. (I’m about to send off my second magazine story this month-hurray!)

4)Not the beach. It’s just too hot.

4) Ok, for a real thing now: fun decor and/or baking. Something fall-related will most likely sneak in there. And no apologies here 🙂

5) I’m excited about this one! My husband and I are joining up with a very neat volunteer opportunity at our church in August called Buddy Breaks. Basically, we and other trained volunteers provide a morning off for parents of children with special needs by watching/playing with their children once a month. Mike got to do it a couple months ago and loved interacting with the kids. I love that it’s an outreach to anyone in the community with this need. And our kids get to participate with us.

Does the summer seem to drag on for you? How do you make the most of summer?20140728-143258-52378629.jpg20140728-143257-52377741.jpg


One thought on “Oh, August!

  1. As much as I like the break from teaching, I do miss Fall. It’s my favorite season, and I really start yearning for it by mid-August. Pumpkin everything, those first cool breezes after a hot summer, and did I mention pumpkin? lol

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