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A Delightful Deadline…

I’ve been writing a lot about goals and deadlines lately, haven’t I? I’m one of those people who seems to work better under a time constraint. Without one, there doesn’t seem to be much motivation for finishing a project. I need to set concrete dates, though flexible ones, so I have something to strive towards.

Well, I now have the most delightful, surprising, almost unbelievable end-of the-year event to spur on a rash of goal-setting:


Yes, that’s me, and that’s a (our!) (my!) baby boy, due mid December. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’ve followed along this past year, such as this post or this post, it sheds a little light on the significance of the gift of life. I don’t ever want to take him for granted. I’m still processing all the thoughts and emotions related to life after loss. They’re all good right now, but it seems the sheer joy of it all must be savored daily. Most of the time, the predominant feeling is of the surreal.

I feel compelled to say that this happy occasion doesn’t mean I’m changing this blog into a pregnancy/baby blog. Much as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a couple of them, it’s still just a different scope than this blog, that’s all. But! The nerdy part of me (which, lets be honest, is quite large;) is happy with my due date, and not the least of which reasons are that December baby=goals that actually line up with a calendar year! Ha!

So, I am giving myself to the end of November to pursue a few writing goals with bull-dog determination. Like I said, nothing like a deadline to spur on productivity. After weeks of making excuses for not writing, and then wishing I had more time, I realized the biggest hindrance to pursuing writing was me. If I don’t take this seriously, how will anyone else? This short period of four months seems like the perfect time frame to set for hard writing work. Naturally, after little one arrives, I will be far too busy for a while to write much-and that’s fine. Those little months go by so quickly, and  I have a feeling this time around will feel like running at break-neck speed; I don’t want to miss a thing.

Here are my goals. Because nothing makes it seem more real than black and white!

~Continue blogging once/week or about 4x/month.

~Write and submit 1-2 magazine stories a month. I’m currently a wee bit behind on that for the month of July…hopefully getting that second one out in the mail today.

~Keep working on the novel!! I need to break this one down into more bite-sized jobs, otherwise  the vagueness of this goal will become a hindrance as well.

And after December? Well, I’m giving myself a well-earned break. When I do write it’ll be journaling, probably blogging here sporadically, and doing what I can to feed creativity in a way that is refreshing and enjoyable.

Sweet baby, we can’t wait to meet you. You are more loved than you could know. I hope my scribbled words can capture the fleeting moments we share with you. Too soon you will be grown, reminding your parents that all our children are a gift from God and not ours to keep. I can’t wait to treasure these short years of sharpening your gifts, your person, until the time you, like your brother and sister, will be released to follow the story the Author has written just for you.


4 thoughts on “A Delightful Deadline…

  1. Aw! Another boy! How exciting! 🙂 And I’m so happy for you, mon amie. I’m sure it’s been very hard after two losses, but I’m glad we’ll get to meet this little one by the end of the year. 🙂

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