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Kindred Spirits.

There are some friends that are true kindred spirits. When you part ways, you leave feeling refreshed, encouraged, challenged, inspired. Sometimes a friend can lend fresh joy or peace to a new place; sometimes their home is always a refuge.

I’m beyond lucky to have several of this kind of friend. Recently, I spent time with one of them. She and her husband are some of the most creative people you will ever meet. Their home is a haven of creativity and imaginative ideas. Shelves full of books on concept art of various movies, projects of varying mediums stowed on an art table, numerous decorations that bear this family’s unique talents (I mean, how many homes do you know of that have a wall painted to resemble a statue reminiscent of one you’d find in Rivendell, or a wall in another room delicately shaded to look like a forest?)-I nearly drool every time I enter their house. Couple this creativity with our friends’ warmth, wit and lively conversation and you have the perfect recipe for what Anne Elliot would agree is good company. (I must agree even more so with Mr. Elliot in saying it is the best of company, but that’s pretty much the only points he ever scores.)

As a freshman in college, I remember being thrilled to be treated as an adult by this couple when we met for the first time. I was a character in a church play, she was the lead role, and he was the artistic consultant, designing costumes and possibly settings as well, I don’t remember entirely. I remember seeing sketches of my sister’s and my costumes and realizing what talent these two had.

In the past few years, my husband has joined the club and we now have children all around the same ages, making any time we spend together louder, crazier, more creative, and dearer. I always feel more inspired to work on my craft when I see their latest designs, always reminded of the importance of creativity for overall health. And I almost always manage to borrow something to that end…


…like this book. (Books! I’m drooling again!) I borrowed this with the intention of trying my hand at rewriting a myth as a child’s story, inspired partly by books such as The Lioness and Her Knight by Gerald Morris (see this post for a look at another of his books).

Who are the kindred spirits in your life? How do you enrich each other’s lives?


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