The stories we share

Writerly Links I *Love*

I just wanted to share a few of these gems with you. Without further ado:

1) I’ve mentioned her blog here before, but Kristi Holl’s blog is worth perusing. She writes twice a week on writer self-help related topics. She provides valuable insight, resources and encouragement. Her latest post, on mini-habits, is no exception. Check it out if you need a little push in the right writing direction!

2) I happened across this article on a writer’s reflections on C.S. Lewis, particularly his Chronicles of Narnia. It’s well written (duh) and very enjoyable for writers, readers, and Lewis fans alike. His analogy of the wardrobe as a book, and thoughts on what makes excellent fantasy, are spot-on.

3) Have you ever heard of the Institute of Children’s Literature? If you are an aspiring children’s writer, check them out. They are a BBB accredited online school; taking their introductory class on writing for children is what really made me aware that this is what I want to do. They have courses on writing children’s novels or on writing for children’s magazines-I took the second. The classes are a bit pricey, no doubt; but it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. They also have other resources for writers (it’s where I found Kristi’s blog).

Well, enjoy! And happy Tuesday to you!


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