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Doldrums and Frames.

This picture makes me really happy right now.

(Except that it’s at the very bottom of this post, instead of the top. Ha.)

You see, I had created these simple pieces, minus the initial, months ago, and, following my usual trend in home decor, left them to sit on the dining room table…for months. Seriously. Embarrassing and frustrating.

There was always an excuse: I couldn’t find backings for them, I don’t remember to go to the craft store or I don’t often go with two kids in tow, when I do go, I forget what I’m looking for..yada yada.

So I finally remembered to nail down my husband and get his help for the two person job. Naturally he found were all the supplies had been hiding, and we set about the task. (I guess I know where our kids get their inability to find things that are in front of their noses…)

In an hour or less, they were up. Exultation! Mike’s willing, playful, cheerfulness made it a fun team effort. “You have no idea how happy this makes me,” I told him over and over again. “This is a big deal!”

You know how, after feeling stuck for months, accomplishing just one simple task can feel like riding a typhoon wave after a spell of the doldrums? When this happens, I then often feel silly for the amount of angst I have allowed myself to wallow in, realizing that I’m the only one responsible for feeling stuck and hindered. I don’t really need more time (although who doesn’t wish for it at some point or other) or more energy (although that would be awesome), I just need to stop wallowing and start doing one thing. Even if it feels pointless or repetitive. Just getting started is usually the hardest part.

Lately the doldrums of ‘not being published’ (among other things) have seemed a lot worse than they are. Everyone else’s boat seems to be sailing at top knot around me, whether they’re published, successfully engaged in some cottage industry, or maybe just have more energy than I do. Although I’ve continued to write, it’s felt kind of pointless the past couple of weeks. Like I’ll never get anywhere.

But, reality check: even though becoming published isn’t as simple as pounding a few nails into the wall, there’s really no reason to see my efforts as pointless. It just takes patience, diligence, and perseverance. I’m glad I have the habit of writing even a little bit every day most days of the week. It will pay off. And in the meantime, whenever I feel the doldrums of tunnel-vision self-pity threatening to send me down the waters of discouragement and doubt, I can happily gaze at my little attempts at home decor that finally made their debut on our living room wall, knowing that one day, I’ll see more fruits of my writing efforts as well.



One thought on “Doldrums and Frames.

  1. They look perfect there! I definitely understand the doldrums. It doesn’t feel like much has changed in my life in far too long. But we just keep pressing, and something will happen eventually, right? : )

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