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Over at Flash! Friday, the lovely people (or perhaps I should say dragons?) post a picture prompt every Friday. Bloggers use the picture prompt and must include a word or phrase and another given word or idea in a piece of flash fiction approximately 150 words in length in order to join the fun. I didn’t finish mine in time to tag the contest (and it’s almost time for the next one!), but it was a fun exercise! Perhaps you’ll enjoy my first attempt at flash fiction, Sayaka.

Typhoon Maid Thursday by Shuji Moriwaki
Typhoon Maid Thursday by Shuji Moriwaki

Hakodate must be the grayest city I have ever seen. The damp fog that clings here feels smothering, suffocating. My grandfather always wanted to come here, though. After he died, it only made sense that I should transfer here to the university.

I wander the coast, waiting. Maybe that’s why Grandpa appears. He simply stands beside me and looks out silently for some time.

“This city has seen a lot. The typhoon, you know.”

I nod. I remember reading it in the paper with him.

“But she’s strong, Sayaka.” A spark pierces the fog.

Suddenly the city isn’t gray; it’s calm, welcoming, reaching out to me with arms that know. Uprooted, smashed. Both lost, but both still here. A weight, a mask, falls from my hands.

I say my name out loud and the sound echoes across the steely waters.
“Sayaka,” I say, “I remember. My name means color.”


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