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Life Right Now

I wrote this post yesterday as a vomit-on-the-keyboard type post. Now that it’s out of my system, I felt 10 pounds lighter when I hit the delete button. Ah, delete button-sometimes you are a ruthless energy I am loth to contain; other times, you are my magic eraser. I’m happy to say, this time you were the latter for me.

Well, what is life right now that applies to my blog? Here’s the breakdown:

1) I was ‘sick’ last week-i.e., I found out at my midwife appointment that I need to eat more and do less. Oh, and I have less than 7 weeks from now before baby 3 makes his debut. Perhaps much less. (!!!!)

2) Lack of energy resulting from above mentioned conditions has forced me to start mommy-hibernation. Meaning, I’m preparing to enter that phase of life that comes with a newborn-and it’s a good thing I’m starting now. Mentally, it  means I’m gearing up for another big shift-one that includes less writing, more resting, and more preparing for this consuming, irreplaceable, and very short stage of life.

3) I’m reminded how good and necessary this is. I’ve discovered that trying to keep up with social networking (Facebook, blogging) for an introvert with two small children and one on the way is just stress I don’t need! It’s freeing, really. First of all I’m a daughter of the King, even before I’m a wife, mother, or writer. That’s never going to change, so I can embrace the  “rabbit trails” that are every bit a part of life as the lovely abstract, retreat-into-my-mind-and-literature paths I like to take here.

So I just may be posting different things here in the next few weeks. I’m thinking of making a list of short writing prompts for mommies who are used to having no more than 5 minutes of uninterrupted brain time.


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