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Only Once

All the “do it now” and “live your life” type buttons on social media have edged out of the lime light. And I’m glad, because, to be honest, the New Year was just like any other sleepy, quiet day around here, punctuated with the usual crying baby and dirty kitchen.

Right now, lists are so last year. My novel mostly sleeps, and I document these fleeting days instead. Heck, forget skinny jeans, I’m still looking forward to the day I can leave maternity jeans behind and don my “fat jeans”. Planning, writing, and exercise aren’t really things I can pursue right now, and it’s ok.

These days are a balance of hard work, getting in some brief ‘restorative’ activities when I can, and not worrying about the rest. Maybe this year won’t be the year I finally submit the story that gets published, but you know what? 2015 only rolls around once, and at the end of it, my kids will all be a year older. I’m going to enjoy it as best I can. Worrying about things that don’t get accomplished is so last year.




2 thoughts on “Only Once

  1. as somebody who stared down 2015 from the exact same wilderness places as she did 2014; a hearty amen! sometimes “living your life to the fullest” means having the wisdom to put dreams on the back burner and let them simmer. until God opens doors, moves seasons, or heals the dreamer. sometimes they’re not fully ready for flight yet. you will instill tiny hearts & souls with the wonder & beauty– probably some realities also–of life this year. that is quite a brave adventure.

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