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Mother’s Day

Whether you’re looking at two pink lines for the first time or watching your baby drive off to college.

Whether you are exhausted because of crying babies, demanding toddlers, and helping with homework, or because of the endless tests, questions, disappointments, and waiting.

Whether your children grew first in your womb or in another country.

Whether you choose to visibly remember the baby you lost, or to simply keep the memory of your little one close to your heart.

To the women who bore children, raised children, and are a safe place for children.

To the women who bring life and hope to those around them, whether they are children or not.

You are beautiful. You are irreplaceable. You illustrate the power, tenderness, and vulnerability of a Savior who gave his all for those He loves, choosing to live in eternity with scars on his body so that we might be brought to life.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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