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A New Adventure

In a mere few weeks, our family will embark on a new adventure-moving north. We will be spending a few months in North Carolina- my mountains. To say we’re excited is an understatement!

So now begins, or continues, the decluttering, the packing, the planning. And the grieving. As usual, my feelings are mixed, even though I’m convinced there’s no other direction we should be taking right now, or want to take. I can’t drive through my parent’s neighborhood without a deep surge of melancholic sentimentality; our own house, where we spent the first 8 years of marriage and have brought home our three children, seems suddenly the coziest and most comfortable place. If we weren’t looking for a reason to short-sale our house, I’d be tempted not to leave. I’m snapping up the Florida skies on my camera like they’re going out of style.

And then I get excited about experiencing a real autumn. This opportunity doesn’t arrive just any time! Our older two children are starting to get excited the more Mike and I explore our home town to be via the web and share our discoveries with them. We’ll all learn lots, build memories, and meet new people.

Here’s to a new chapter. Here’s to a new life adventure!


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