Life in the “Mountains, Gandalf, mountains!”

Which is what Mike and I say to each other every time we step outside. Or nearly every time. We made it, we’ve been here about 2 weeks, the settling in has begun and the wonder hasn’t left us. 

Pictures can’t do the mountains justice.

Our apartment complex is quite lovely, as apartment complexes go. Our neighbors are polite and friendly. We are right next to the walking trail-which, alas, I’ve had half a hike on yet, because the walking shoes I bought rubbed blisters onto my heels the first time wearing them. But just being able to take walks around the quiet streets in July (and not sweat buckets!) is glorious so far. We’ve taken the kids to the pool a few times, I’ve enjoyed the internet cafe a few times before our internet was installed, and someone else takes care of the grass. Woot!


My new trail!
 Naturally there have been plenty of downs along with the ups. We’ve had a steady stream of family visiting, which is SO fun! And everytime they leave, it feels a bit lonely here. The kitchen and dining rooms are windowless, and though they get quite a bit of light from the living room, there are times I feel claustrophobic. So this morning I added some decor:


Picture taken by my grandfather just outside his house, garland thanks to my mom.
All in all, we are soaking up everything good here that we can. There’s plenty of scope for the imagination. In fact, there are one or two houses behind us nestled on a hill that remind me of a house you’d find in an L.M. Montgomery story. Are they lonely, or mysterious, or do they hide a dark secret? Maybe I’ll have to write a story about one of them.

Oh yes…speaking of mountains, there’s this.

Time to tackle mountains!


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