August in Pictures

Also known as, the backs of my children’s heads. August was full of trails and little explorations.  

this was on the trail behind our apartment.

A visit to the arboretum near us.


One of my August reads. I need to find my favorite quotes from this, such as the one where Anne wonders aloud  why Socarates and his questions weren’t poisoned earlier, in frustration after answering non-stop questions herself. There’s also a good snappy one where she makes short work of a popular but bitter doctor’s theory of life.
Evening light and walks. 


A moment of solitude, hurrah! 



Family trips to the nearby lake and trails.


Little readers. It makes a momma’s heart proud.


Baby in a box!


“See ya on the other side!”-my kids quoting The Emporer’s New Groove. Also makes a momma’s heart proud. Sniff!

Well, we’re far on the other side of September now. Better late than never. πŸ™‚


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