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Infant and Pregnancy Loss

October is National Infant and Pregnancy Loss month.

This morning I stumbled upon an image. It’s heart-aching and precious. A family stands in mutual embrace. Around them are the shadows of the children that they won’t watch grow up on this earth.

I wish I could write about fewer hard things and more about fun little moments. But sometimes these are the moments we have. The weight of these moments resides in our hearts long after they are past. And while the loss is real and raw, grief is a gift that can draw us to each other and to the giver of all comfort.

More people are opening up about their experience of miscarriage and infant loss. I can tell you from personal experience, hearing others’ stories can help comfort a grieving heart. Sometimes, these stories were what I needed to start grieving in the first place.

Mothers, it’s normal to miss the baby you never held. It’s normal to grieve months or years after you said good bye. It’s normal to grieve even if you have a healthy child or children today. And it’s normal to miss your lost babies even while you feel overwhelmed by the ones you live with now.

Grief is strange, unpredictable. But we don’t have to experience it alone. With the comfort we recieve, we can comfort one another.

tiny birthstone memorials.

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