I have this blog in my head

…where I write posts immediately instead of stewing over them for days. I write funny anecdotes, daily snippets, and catch the little thoughts that run through my head before they’re gone. I share funny pictures of my kids (bc I’ve finally gotten over my fear of Internet lurkers and all around creeps) and pictures of the mountain beauty around me, and I write more often. 

Since I am not typically one to write on the lighter side (INFP problems, you guys), I raise a glass in toast to all the blogs that do. One of these days I will share some of my new faves. These blogs have been devoured like chocolate on nights when I should be sleeping. They’ve made me laugh so hard Mike probably thought I was having an athsma attack. Whether portraying the simple pleasures in life or sharing funny incidents, I love love love them. This is the grown up version of the little me who found Dear America diaries at friends’ houses and promptly got lost in them. So sorry, ignored friends. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a nice melancholy post to stew over for a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “I have this blog in my head

  1. Ha, ha! I completely understand. Sometimes I come up with great ideas, but then they’re gone by the time I finally get to a computer to write. : ) And I never realized we’re the same Meyers-Briggs type. No wonder I always feel like you get me so well. : )

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