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Goodbyes and Hellos

Yesterday I took a walk by the lake. The clouds scudded over the sun at intervals, and the shadows ran across the grass. I wanted to soak it all in, because this may be the last time I walk here before our mountain adventure comes to a close.

This was my view when I lay down next to the lake. It reminded me of my days in college, when I would stretch out in the sun with my books next to me and pass out for a few minutes between classes. Here the only passerby was a snuffling pug and his human, who snorted at the sight of me. The pug. The pug snorted. 🙂


Today I walked the nearby trail.

I hiked to the peak and looked out. It felt like saying goodbye, but without the expected twinge of sadness. I have walked many paths here, internally and externally. These last (almost) 6 months have been a time of exploration, discovery, great sadness, and joy. I may be saying goodbye to these mountains (temporarily, I hope), but I have greeted new growth in myself here. I’ve seen depths and peaks.


I’ve seen old things, long buried, dragged to the surface. And I’ve seen the tiniest new shoots of green poking their timid heads through the ground, and they know that somehow they’ll make it.

So I had to take the dreaded selfie, because I wanted to capture myself in my natural habitat. I even pulled my greasy pony tail down for the occasion.

And then I took a deep breath, pulled my hair back up, and climbed down the mountain. And took my new self with me.


One thought on “Goodbyes and Hellos

  1. This post gives me a melancholy feeling even though I’m not the one leaving the mountains. I’m glad it’s been a good time for you and your family on this adventure, and pray the coming adventures will be good as well.

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