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Winter Blues

I am happy to share that we are staying here in the mountains for another six weeks!

…sort of.

I’d said goodbye to all my favorite places. I was gearing up to pack (sort of…see following paragraph) and I was eagerly anticipating less rain and more sunshine. It’s just one of life’s little changes, nothing drastic at all.

When Mike got the job extension, we were so grateful since he hadn’t heard from the other hospitals we were hoping to move near to for one last travel R.N. contract. Also, no packing for another six weeks? Hallelujah! The mountain of toys our generous neighbors have given us…shudder. The things we couldn’t bring and so had to buy here…also shudder. There’s a lot of declutter that needs to happen first, and I’m both anxious to get started and anxious to not.

But I really miss sunshine. This lack was not felt like I imagined it would until the week of Christmas, and since I anticipated feeling it from November on, this is another thing to be thankful for. If we were here for long term, we’d bunker down (in our house with a fenced-in yard) and wait for the glories of spring. I’m lucky that in a few weeks, we’ll be savoring the glories of Florida in its best time of year.

(Did I mention I’m really looking forward to having my own yard again? My exceedingly loquacious neighbor, bless her, is just what I need to be forced out of my introvert shell often enough for a little much-needed exercise. But yes. I look forward to being able to go outside without being doused in non-stop stream of consciousness talk from the time I crack my front door until I close it behind me again. Lord help my selfish self. He knows what  I need. 😉

So I’m counting up the good things here, because there are a million of them when you’re living in an apartment complex and it’s too cold to roam the mountains, and I forget them all too easily. I look forward to one day opening my eyes and seeing the first buds of spring and tasting the delight of a fresh start. But for now, I’m content to daydream about orange blossom perfume on the air, daily time outside, and effervescent sunshine.

Because I can.

What a present! I hope you see beauty wherever you are today, friends. It really is there.

Look at that! Look at that sunshine!

One thought on “Winter Blues

  1. Wow, that picture is gorgeous! (And I love the picture of snow you posted elsewhere!) Even though it’s such a bittersweet thing, I hope you enjoy these next six weeks and an opportunity to experience seasons we don’t enjoy down here. 🙂

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