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The Month of Love and Packing

Hello! The snow has melted here and the clouds are grey and brooding. Very soon we will be in warmer climes. But now the time has come for packing. I have less than a week to finish 3 novels I checked out from the library and I’m praying fervently I can find all the library books before we leave. Do library police hunt you down if you move to a different state and you owe fines? Stay tuned, I may be able to let you know.

And it’s February. A month of transition. Both here and back in Florida, cool weather is on the decline and spring is a promise soon kept. Meanwhile we occupy ourselves with a  holiday no less commercialized than the rest yet still no less at our disposal to make it as we will. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I’m not even sure why. There’s something about holidays that makes me want to take a break from everyday tasks to make simple crafts, and it’s even more fun with my children. I think that’s what it is-I’m not big on buying gifts, I barely decorate, and there’s never been a single Valentine’s Day event I’ve attended in recorded history; it’s the idea of a chance to make fun, simple memories with my children that are all our own. It lets me re-live child-like activities and find new ones to do with my own kids.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun to pack dishes and toys. I’ve sifted through school supplies and bathroom cupboards. My daughter has said, in a voice of suffering, “Mommy, I’m so tired of being cold.” Our mountain sojourn is almost at a close and it will soon be a long time before any of us are cold again. In ten days, we’ll be back in the Sunshine State, a little altered from our adventures and eager to embrace what’s ahead.


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