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Which Traits?

The other day, while I was tumbling down the Pinterest rabbit hole, I found several pins about HSP, or the Highly Sensitive Person. (I’ve written about this once before.) After perusing the pins for a while, I zeroed in on a few that had lists of “HSP” and “not HSP” and started comparing myself to the lists. I thought, “yes…that one applies to me…nope…nope…yes…nopity nope nope.” If you’re an HSP, chances are, you’ve had a similar experience. While all HSPs are highly attuned to their surroundings and therefore more easily overstimulated and tired, this will manifest itself differently in different people.

As an HSP, I love researching the trait. It’s changed how I view myself and my HSP children. It changes how we operate on a daily basis. However, I can get too much information, and too much rawness is not my thing. That’s where the over processing kicks in for me and wears me out. Not every HSP shares that experience, I’d imagine.

It’s kind of like looking on the flip side and saying, “Hm, HSPs are usually highly empathetic. Well, you must only be an HSP if you’re empathetic.” Ridiculous, right? Unless you are a psychopath, empathy is a fairly common experience. It’s just that some people (some HSP, some not) feel empathy more acutely than others.

So while you’re doing your research, whether for someone you know or yourself, keep in mind that for a trait like HSP, you’re best off arming yourself with the foundational facts first. Remember that what applies to one HSP doesn’t necessarily apply to another. Do your research. Slowly, if necessary. And don’t limit your research to Pinterest.


But you can find lots of lovely pictures from Pinterest! (And here, actually.) Now this is detail that I can really get into.



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