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Sometimes Less is More

In just a week, the A to Z Blogging Challenge begins! I’m excited for this chance to practice writing more often, particularly short stories and introductions to literary characters. I’m looking forward to meeting new bloggers and exploring new blogs. 

I won’t be able to get to five new blogs every day as suggested, though. I do much better actually interacting with fellow writers if I meet a few of you cool people at a time. Yes, it’s an introvert plus HSP thing. If I’m gonna show up to a party, I’d rather meet a few people than just stand in the room and try to watch/meet ev.er.y.one. It’s not because I think the A to Z rules are dumb or that I think I’m too good for them. But I’d rather not stretch myself so thin that I burn out halfway through April-and interacting with even a few people, even on blogs, stretches me thin quickly! 

It boils down to investing my energy well. I’d rather be able to put a sincere effort into my comments and follows than make it a race to read as many blogs as possible. Anybody else operate the same way? 

Anyway, whether I end up breezing through 5 blogs a day or not, I look forward to meeting you and reading your posts! No doubt I will learn a lot from you and enjoy reading your work. I can’t wait! Happy blogging!

PS. Look for my post next week about the setting for some of my short stories. I’m excited to share that with you too…



6 thoughts on “Sometimes Less is More

  1. I totally get that (even here on the blogosphere). Usually, if I don’t know anyone in a social situation, I pick a couple of people in the room who I’d like to meet and go that way. Or let them find me. 🙂

  2. I also doubt I’ll hit up five new blogs a day, partially because I want to take the time to really absorb posts and contribute useful thoughts and partially because I’d rather form a handful of strong relationships than a bunch of weak ones.

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