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Tales of Enndover

The A to Z blogging challenge starts tomorrow!

As promised, here is a peek at part of what I’ll be sharing next month. In addition to posts about  beloved fictional characters and random short stories/flash fiction of my own, I’ll be sharing a collection of stories centered around Enndover.

Enndover, if you’ve never been, is a place out of time. It may seem small on paper, but it is teeming with life, some quiet, some vivid, some mysterious. You will meet many of its inhabitants over the next month, so first let me tell you a bit about the landscape and towns themselves.

Halfpenny Gate is the older of the two visible towns. It is said many of the inhabitants date back to the Middle Ages. Perhaps that is why so little has changed in the many years of its existence.

Halfpenny Gate prides itself on its history, but there is one fact its inhabitants would rather ignore. Sometime ago, Douglas Bridge aided Halfpenny Gate in the preserving of town records. Without this, much of the townsfolk histories would be lost. And indebtedness to Douglas Bridge is not something Halfpenny Gate would like to own.

Douglas Bridge is mostly hidden from sight by the Grove, from which a small stream flows that meets up with the river. Douglas Bridge is the sight of Enndover’s fairgrounds. People from Portaferry have come all the way for these fairs.

Maydown and Douglas Bridge are in a bit of a bidding war over the old mill. Most of the townsfolk shake their heads over this. Surely the dilapidated old building isn’t much of a money maker, that much seems obvious. But both mayors are bent on outsmarting the other to get their hands on it.

Rosslea Woods is, naturally, mysterious. Few will venture inside because rumor has it that a witch dwells there, though of course, most laugh as if they don’t believe it.

And there you have it-an overview of Enndover. Perhaps not the most poetic of descriptions, but still, I can promise you that the inhabitants here provide plenty of material for even a beginning writer like me to work with. Look for the first tale-the story of a most unexpected character-on Monday, or the letter C.

As in “C” you tomorrow for the A to Z challenge!

(Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)


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