A to Z challenge · childhood


February 1st-I have started a diary. Today at school, I went with two of the big boys to get water. But the pump was frozen. It was fun even though they are not my friends. Jimmy is my friend.

February 4th-Today Mother, Father, Earnestine and I went for a drive. I have invented a new game. I yell, “Look! An invisible purple pig!” and Earnestine tries to find it. She hates this game. Maybe because I pin her down on the seat until it’s gone. But that’s the fun part!

February 5th-The measles are coming!

February 8th-Jimmy is excited the measles are coming too. But some of the big boys think it is strange and not the average thing to be excited about. Well, where in the world did they get the idea that I like average things? Also, mother was a nurse in the war, so why shouldn’t I find medical things interesting?

February 9th-The measles are still not here. Jimmy and me are bored.

February 11th-I heard about something today at school. Mark said he ate a pie, but it wasn’t an apple pie, or sweet pie. It had tomato sauce on it, and cheese, and sausage. That sounds horrible! I would like to try it.

February 14th-The measles are here. Hooray.

February 20th-The measles are not as interesting as I’d thought. I am glad they are gone. Jimmy got them, and Father got them, but not Mother or Ernestine. I am glad Ernestine did not get them. I would feel bad for her. I hope no one finds my diary…

February 22nd-Writing a diary is not for me. But one day I would like to travel. Maybe I’ll write about what I see. Or just tell my grandchildren stories about that instead. Also, I have decided that when I am a Grandpa, I will not be called Grandpa. That is a very expected name. I like the unexpected. I think I will have an unexpected life.

Who knows? Maybe I really will see an invisible purple pig!


This post is a conglomerate of stories my grandfather has told me of his childhood, with a little of my own imagination thrown in to fill in the blanks. He has always made us laugh-and sometimes roll our eyes-with his stories. He is not called Grandpa, but G.P. And I believe he really did have an unexpected life. He traveled while in the military, then again to a smaller degree as he worked for those on the outskirts of society at the time-the handicapped and special needs children. I hope he knows now, though he hasn’t traveled for some time, just how indispensable he is. 



8 thoughts on “Billy

  1. As a pro-science advocate and historian, it’s nice to be reminded of how people in the past really thought about these diseases. It makes me so mad to see overprivileged people these days giggling about how measles and other diseases are no big deal.

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