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This title, I confess, is not the name of a character. Ephemeris means means chronicle, account, or narrative. I chose this word because today marks twenty years since I have started journaling. So you could say that journaling is an ephemeris about a certain character-the chronicler herself.

Do you journal? Whether you call it a diary, journal, or something else, do you think about the stories you tell yourself while recording your life and thoughts? Do you think about the stories you tell yourself about your actions, your fears, your beliefs, or your dreams? Do they carry weight? Do the stories you tell about yourself help you see yourself more clearly, or do they further remove yourself from who you were meant to be?

Journaling is often about self-discovery. All the ephemerises gathering dust under my bed mark a transitory, often painful, sometimes hilarious, and frequently embarrassing journey of understanding myself and the way I view the world better.

Let’s be careful of what other accounts we listen to as we discover our own. Shed the weight of unrealistic expectations. Don’t be afraid of being true to yourself.

What character are you becoming? And what narratives help shape you? Choose the ones you can with care. And as for the ones you can’t choose, never fear. There’s a higher Author at work.


6 thoughts on “Ephemeris

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Very interesting topic on yours today. My blog started out as a journal because I thought no one would ever read it, and well… you know…one thing leads to another and now I’m doing social media, but my blog (not the A-Z Challenge of course), does reflect how I see life and feel it – humorously.

    1. Hi Leigh, thanks for stopping by! It’s great when our lives and writing collide-it makes for some of the best writing, I think.

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