A to Z challenge · The stories we read


Yes, another Gerald Morris character. Are you tired of them yet? I hope not:)

Morris excels at creating characters within the magical, chivalrous world of King Arthur that poke fun at or expose the very ideals they don’t match up with, and he manages to do so without being cynical or overly romantic. Lynet in The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf is one such character. The younger sister of the gorgeous Lyonesse, Lynet is tired of Lyonesse’s damsel in distress gig and escapes their besieged castle to do what no one else will: go get help.

As you can imagine, the ideals Lynet fails to meet include courtly airs, stunning beauty, and a lack of wailing/fainting/batting her eyes to gain a champion. After brandishing a weapon in King Arthur’s court, she is granted a most unlooked for (and most unwelcome) champion to rescue her family castle from the Knight of the Red Lands: a kitchen youth, whose smell precedes him. A dwarf named Roger joins her as well. The adventures that ensue will offer her many insights into the often contradictory world of knighthood and her own mind and heart.

The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf is a funny, provoking story about the glories and pitfalls of honor, the mystery of magic, and the surprises that come when people turn out to be more-or less-than they appear. Lynet is at the center of it all. She gains a more compassionate understanding of others while maintaining her courage, determination, and practicality. She also gains a lot of swear words. (Don’t worry parents, this mid-grade book is G-rated.) As with any of Gerald Morris’s books, I recommend this one – and Lynet herself- as passing strong indeed.


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