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Life is very different here, in America. I am very grateful. Lots of girls my age were not adopted when I left the orphanage. And I came from a better orphanage-I was not beaten, and I had food to eat most of the time. The lice were not too bad. One of the workers was kind to me. Maybe that is why I miss my mother country so very much. It was my home.

Here my new family is very kind to me too. Their other daughter, she only laughed at me once when I showed surprise at having to share a bathroom with only her. Only two people for one toilet? And it is so clean! She was not mean when she laughed.

It’s going to be easier, I hear. Mostly I ignore the other kids at school when they laugh at my speaking or call me names. Maybe growing up with a clean bathroom makes some people mean, like them. Maybe these kids do not have parents who love them, even though almost all of them do have parents. This is so different. Speaking English is hard, but I’m learning. My new sister helps me. The teachers are nice, too.

One day, perhaps, I will not feel like-how do they say?- a fish out of water. Both here and in my old life, my name and my country, we both begin with the same letter. U. Ulyana, Ukraine. One day, perhaps, I will truly belong. But even then, I will never forget my home country. 


4 thoughts on “Ulyana

  1. This is my first visit to your blog and I felt an immediate kinship with you. I know how mean kids can be. But just know they are ignorant and you have to feel sorry for them because being mean doesn’t get one very far in the world. You’ll come out on top. Just hang in there. And keep being sweet. You’ll really go places with a kind heart…

    I enjoyed reading your post and will look forward to reading more.
    Welcome to your new home! I hope you find great happiness here.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thank you for the kind words! This is a short story I wrote inspired by my friend’s experience working with orphans in Ukraine. You will go far yourself with your empathy.

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