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Post A to Z Challenge

It’s two days since we wrapped up April’s A to Z challenge! If you participated, what did you think of it? I hope you enjoyed meeting other bloggers as I did. (In fact, I’d like to go back to that list and scan through a few more blogs soon.)

Do you feel a sense of accomplishment for all you posted? I hope so. I began May with a surprising feeling of “well now what?” Since this year I actually signed up early and got almost half of my posts written in advance, I wasn’t nearly as stressed as when I participated in 2014. Also, I am very thankful that because of planning, I actually finished a draft of my novel, way ahead of my expectations. Woohooo!!

So I guess that after all the ‘productivity” of April, it’s easy to feel at loose ends. Do I take a break from my novel and tackle some of my other projects for the year? Do I plow through the next draft? I was inspired by this article to not stop going, to not wait for the ‘perfect writing ideas’. It was just what I needed to read. And it reminded me of what I learned in April-and apparently needed reminding of already– that ‘just’ writing is better than waiting for ideal conditions and ideas. I don’t know about you, but I dig myself into a hole hilariously easily by expecting only complex writing from myself. No wonder I typically don’t blog very often! Let’s get on the keyboard. We’ll only hold ourselves back if we wait for the perfect writing to come to us. Just keep writing!

Later I’ll share my revised goals for May. But now, we’re getting ready to move-again!

Whatever you’re working on, just keep writing. And thanks, A to Z challenge, for the chance to experience writing for the sake of writing- a discipline in just doing it.



2 thoughts on “Post A to Z Challenge

  1. Congratulations on completing your challenge…on top of all your other responsibilities! I’ve enjoyed reading every one. And I’m looking forward to hearing more Tales of Enndover!

  2. Congratz on getting out alive! As to your novel, I’d suggest taking at least a few days off. The more time you take away the more you’ll be able to see the faults in it when you return–and the more you’ll have learned writing other things.

    Looking forward to seeing some of those other things!

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