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Scope for the Imagination

Hello internet friends! We’ve moved yet again, this time to a more long-term rental residence. We’ve enjoyed our adventures traveling as a family, but boy are we happy to be in a house once again.

We have a back yard, lots of windows, and more space than our first house had. There is space to breathe, think, and just be. This house is truly a gift. And I have the immense blessing of a place yet again to call my own, for writing and dreaming:

I can’t tell you how much this means to me. What sort of stories will I spin here? I can hardly wait to find out. (Of course I’ll have to, because unpacking.) It’s in the room christened The Library. I’ll share more pictures when it’s set up. Our books shelves are still in disarray and so is much of the house. Moving with 3 kids is no joke! We’ve had help though from family and friends, without whom we could not have done this. Many, many thanks to them.

Our lovely kitchen! It has such a big window! *twirls on bare feet* This is obviously before we deposited gobs of boxes on the counters. Right now, there are just gobs of dishes. 🙂

And there you have a quick update. In the swift approach of Florida’s summer heat, there will be lots of family memories made, lots of laughter shared with friends, meals enjoyed, stories written, and room to grow. I’ve even decided our house needs a name. There’s no rush-I’m sure it’ll come to us in time.

Here’s a view of the sunrise from our bedroom window. I could stare at it all day. But not, because, unpacking.

Thanks for reading along, and happy Thursday, friends.


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