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Feminism and Facebook

Remember that series I started last year about the history of feminism? Yeah, the one I haven’t written about in a while. I still haven’t read The Feminine Mystique and, to be honest, it’s not high on my priorities right now. So I’m switching gears and will share modern day examples of feminism at work, or, as in this case, why feminism is needed. We can chalk this up to my flight-y and often changing interests in writing. Oh, and I learned to not make large-scale plans when it comes to blogging series.  At least for now 🙂

The other day on Facebook I came across a post that caught my attention. I don’t know the poster, it looked like a popular page, but I wasn’t familiar with it. What caught my attention was the message. I couldn’t find it again, so I will try to be as brief as possible so that as little misconstruction on my part takes place. But the message was clear: ladies, stop acting/dressing like trash because trash attracts dogs.

Now. I am all for women living in freedom that comes from rejecting the lies that tell us we have to dress/look/behave a certain way in order to be loved/worthy of attention. BUT that’s not what the poster was talking about. They were implying that a woman’s behavior is responsible for the kind of interactions she gets, and there was no telling the dogs to stop acting like dogs in the post. Whoever wrote that post ignored key facts when he/she wrote it: 1) some women receive unwanted attention no matter how they dress/behave. It just happens. Rape victims don’t ask for it. A woman is only responsible for her actions. A man is responsible for his actions. 2) Vocabulary that reduces women and men to trash and dogs is dehumanizing for both. Dehumanization does’t empower. It cripples and entrenches.

There’s a lot more that could be said, and has been said, on this topic. For now, take a look at this TedTalk. It’s  a real example of empowering women to carry themselves with confidence-dogs or no dogs.




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