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Black Lives Matter-How I Got it Wrong

Sometime ago, in the wake of current events, I wrote a post on Facebook starting with “All lives matter”. I went on to say that those of us who find ourselves in a position of privilege have a responsibility to watch and care for those who have less privilege.

Not long after though, something niggled in the back of my head about that post. It wasn’t complete, it was off, but exactly how? Then a phrase came to mind that threw it into contrast for me: the oft-heard words, “If feminism exists, why don’t we have meninism?”

Ahh. Lightbulb.

I guess that’s the nature of myopia-we have to see something unfamiliar translated into terms we can relate to in order to get it. The fact that “Black Lives Matter” has been misused does not negate the fact that there’s a need in America for the statement to be reiterated. “Black Lives Matter” not because some people are trying to deny the value of whites. “Black Lives Matter” because when groups who are harassed and have a disparity of experiences stand up, those that respond in fear are the ones who realize, even deep down, that the power imbalance that keeps them on top is being threatened. Well, if those who benefit from a power imbalance are fearing the tables being turned, even if it just tries to level the field, something is obviously wrong.

Guys, I almost didn’t write this post. I almost didn’t put it on Facebook. I post anything political so infrequently because 1) politics and current events easily stress the &%#% out of me, 2) nearly every time I post something political I find errors in what I wrote, even though I took lots of time to think and pray about what I write beforehand, and 3) these things take so much time, and I often always feel I am not well-read enough on a subject to weigh in. Thankfully, there’s a difference between acting like an expert and offering my perspective because 1) maybe this will encourage someone to rethink something they need to rethink, or say something well-thought out even if it seems incomplete. Because 2) while I think social media could do with a bit more thinking before posting sometimes, those of us who are over-thinkers, over-analyzers, and over-worriers have to be ok with putting things out there that reflect where we are-imperfectly, but whole-heartedly, on a journey of learning and growing. The humble have nothing to fear. I hope to be counted among them someday.


2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter-How I Got it Wrong

  1. You are so brave. Thanks for being the kind of writer who is willing to publicly work through thought processes and changes.

    This sentence was spot on: “Well, if those who benefit from a power imbalance are fearing the tables being turned, even if it just tries to level the field, something is obviously wrong.” Amen.

    And the fact that you are aware that later you will look back and see errors, and are still willing to vulnerably share, but even more so, to discuss your new discoveries, is AWESOME. Thanks for being an example: that’s true humility. If we all just keep our mouths shut for fear of being wrong, or of regret, or out of a need to save face, how could God use us? In our weakness, in faith and humility, he uses us. Love you.

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