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Motherhood Musings

If there’s anything that helps me to build paths between my inner and outer worlds, it’s motherhood. I started this blog wanting to write about books, literature theory, and other things that I like to muse on and read about. Then, I began adding a few writing practices, short stories and the like. Now I find myself writing blog posts in my head about my experiences as a mom and what my kids are teaching me.

It’s all good, as they say. It’s ok that I’ll have to wait on that book review because I didn’t make it long enough in the library with a shrieking toddler and stacks of picture books. It’s ok that I still have a TED talk ‘review’ post to write that’s been simmering on the back burner for weeks. All these things still bring me joy, and I will get to them, but in the name of writing-for-pete’s-sake, I’m snatching moments and events that are easier for me to compose in the meantime. It’s fun to see what I can learn when I take a slightly different writing tack.

So, with notebooks crammed with ideas stored up like treasure for later and a novel patiently plodding along with me, I present to you Ten Things In Ten Days: a mini series I’ll share over the next two weeks. Five days a week I’ll be sharing 10 (probably) random things about life, most likely related to my mess-making, imaginative, easily-bored children.

Maybe it should be 100 Things in 10 days, but that doesn’t really sound as good, does it?

Anyway, tomorrow we begin! It’s also the week all 3 kids start swim lessons, one child has a doctor’s appointment, and I have to finish school registration for the upcoming year. Gulp. If my 10 things are boring, you’ll know it’s because I’m brain dead.

Speaking of brain dead, I mean, exhausted, there’s another reason for this…img_6559

It has nothing to do with the book. Other than, we will have 4 little foxes by the new year.

And by foxes, I do mean four children.

Adventures await us in the new year! So for now, enjoy some random posts. I’m going to enjoy both.


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