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10/10: Day 2

  1. My children are taking swimming lessons from a woman I used to babysit/be a mother’s helper for in college. Today was one of those surreal moments when, the children whom I watched when they were the same age as my toddler, are now teenagers, and were jumping in the pool with my kids. It is something very special to still have a relationship with this family whom I have seen experience a lot in life.
  2. Speaking of teaching, the next 9 items will be brief sketches of past high school and college professors. Such as: one of my math professors in college had a favorite saying: “Math is fun class, say it with me now. Math is what class? Math is fuuuuuun.”
  3. One of my humanities professors wore bright muscles shirts and black slacks to every class. He had several M.D.s and P.H.D.s, one of which involved archaeology, and he had been on several digs. No, he did not wear a hat. And he never left class through a window.
  4. Mr. L., the logic teacher in high school, was tall, round, and called us all by our last names. My friend and I compared him to Coach Boone from Remember the Titans, but, man, could he make us laugh. I really wish I could remember his one-liners.
  5. Mrs. H., one of my high school lit teachers, was famous among students for teaching us the line: “Damn the  torpedoes. Full speed ahead.” She was barely taller than I am (I’m 5’4″) but had a very McGonagall air about her when she wanted to. Minus the accent.
  6. I’ve mentioned him before, but my college Sociology professor kept referring to scientific journals as “scientific urinals”. He was a perfectly capable teacher, so did no one ever bother to tell him that it’s pronounced journal, or was he trying to see who was paying attention? I’ll never know.
  7. The first French professor I studied under was not very strict on…anything. He would change what was due if he thought we might think it too hard and it was a little confusing and frustrating. But, I loved french and went on to take three more semesters despite it.
  8. My next french professor was an undergrad, a Hawaiian native. She seemed very young and stressed, but she taught a good class. And it was where I met my friend, H.B. Roberts. (Bonjour, mon amie!)
  9. My third and final French professor was the best, professor-wise. She was reminiscent of Mrs. H. on the height and temperament. I learned a lot in that class and got to take it with H. B. Roberts, no less. At one time I was getting coffee with her on campus, and our French professor joined us in line. It was the only time I’ve ever towered above my peers and it was…strange and unusual. Although to be fair, I don’t ‘tower’ over H. B.
  10. Lastly, although firstly chronologically (“Although perhaps I should have mentioned this first”, says Mr. Collins), my mother homeschooled me. How she homeschooled four children successfully into high school is beyond me. I have many fond memories of homeschooling lessons. And some not-so-fond ones, like the times it took me 3 hours to do my math lesson. (That happened a lot…) I’m grateful my mom made that lengthy investment, and it’s one I’ll never lose. I hope she is adequately rewarded, although somehow I don’t think that’s possible.

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